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Post  ivanriolo on Sat Mar 14, 2009 5:43 pm

Hi all....This year Starlites introduced the senior team in division two. The aim of this team is the have a competition ready for our youngsters stepping out of the U17, and 20's..At the moment team is made up of a mixture of experience and youth...3 players are playing in the U20 league...Hopefully the team will be made up of more youngsters who are willing and ready to take this challenge. Am really happy with the dedication shown by Saviour, Francois and David...Boys, keep up the enthusiasm!!!! Same goes for a couple of U17 juniors who eagerly await to be aclled to train with the big guys!!!! As for the oldies...Thanks to all for your efforts and patience..Good to have you as part of this team...Just stay active as long as possible....Lets have a good end of season and enjoy ourselves.


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