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Finally a good report on the Media Empty Finally a good report on the Media

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Finally Mr. W. Vassallo decided to report a positive result achived by the senior team... in the past he only reported on the worst games we played. The article deserves to be pasted on this web-site:

Starlites upstage new champions St James Hospital


It was not meant to end in this manner, but Starlites managed to upstage the new champions, and eke out a win, after five defeats against the same opponents this season.

St. James, who were celebrating their league success, were on course to end the league trail on a good note, and held a lead till midway through the final quarter, but then fell away, as Starlites won continuous possessions, to end their campaign with prestigious wins over Mellieha, just two days before, and St. James.

The Saints had two injured players on the bench, Clint Cassar and Jonathan Zaqmmit, whilst Starlites were without Duncan Cuschieri, with Ray Mizzi taking his place.

The opening quarter had Nigel Sultana replying for the Saints, after Starlites’ opening hoop, and also sinking a trey. Starlites went back in front, and although St. James turned the score around once more, it was Starlites with the better ending, and an Ivan Riolo trey, to push them ahead again. In the second period Starlites held on to their lead, despite St. James’ pressure, which brought them twice to within a point. Mark Pace went on court for Starlites, and sank a couple of treys, when Jonathan Ransley was making more hoops for the Saints. Starlites still kept their noses in front, on a 24-20 advantage, at the interval.

After the break it was a case of St. James making their hoops and Starlites replying on every occasion. After some time Steve Gouder came up with a trey and a basket, in a good 11-0 run for the Saints, as he and Shawn Pace totted up the break. This was topped by an Ivan Riolo trey, as St. James were on a 39-36 advantage. In the final quarter free shots put the Saints on a better lead, but Styarlites rallied, and Saviour Bonnici tied the score with his points. Sultana put the new champions back in front, but Starlites kept on winning possessions, with the Saints’ players unable to recuperate, and a 10-0 game ending run, by the three Riolo bvrothers, took Starlites to a positive ending to their season.

St. James: 12 Nigel Sultana, 9 Steve Gouder

Starlites: 25 Ivan Riolo

Referees: Jean Paul Sammut, Clive Terribile

Starlites were the only team not to have beaten Mellieha this season, but they soon put that right, as they emerged winners in Mellieha’s last match of the season. After losing out on the league title, Mellieha were a dispirited side at first, and fell heavily behind, but they rallied grandly in the last quarter, and nearly pulled it off. Starlites were in complete command, but they only just hung on in the final minutes of the game, to avenge the four defeats they suffered against Mellieha previously.

Starlites recovered Bernardo Riolo, who missed their last matches on a calf injury. Tino Riolo also turned out, after crying off in their last encounter.

Both sides were more intent on attack, more so Starlites, who were putting in their hoops at a fast rate. They also had quite a good number of treys, with Ivan Riolo bagging four of them, and others coming from Duncan Cuschieri and Keith Mifsud. Saviour Magro also netted a couple for Mellieha, who went 16-25 behind . In the second quarter the points were dtill going in, as Starlites could increase on their lead. They were led by Tino Riolo at first, and Ivan Riolo later on. Mellieha had Steve Sammut and then Joshua Aquilina, with consecutive points. At the interval Starlites were on a good 45-28 score.

After the break Starlites were still on the right track, as they opened on a 10-3 run, with Ivan Buldakov points, but Micallef finally could put together a 9-0 run, with Jovan Mihailovic points. Starlites recovered with Ivan Riolo free shots, and they were coasting at 57-40. The game suddenly changed in the final session, as Mellieha turned on the pressure. They began with a strong 14-2 run, and Robert Loporto points. Starlites were stunned, and tried to retaliate, through Ivan Riolo hoops, but Mellieha were in full cry, and a further 8-4 run , with a Loporto trey, brought them just behind their adversaries. Starlites desperately held off the Northerners, who had the last ball of the match, but Loporto’s trey failed to go in, and Starlites could breathe a sigh of relief, as they now prepare for their final match against the new champions, St. James Hospital.

Starlites: 28 Ivan Riolo, 15 Tino Riolo

Mellieha: 19 Robert Loporto, 15 Jovan Mihailovic

Referees: Jean Paul Sammut, Clive Terribile

Final Standings

St James Hospital 29; Mellieha Bullets 23; Starlites Ker Grill 21 (points carried over from previous round)

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