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End of League Thoughts Empty End of League Thoughts

Post  Anton on Sun Apr 19, 2009 1:12 pm

Well, now that the league has ended one should look back and consider what was positive and what was negative. Let us all put down our thoughts on how will we perform better next year .. we will have just the same team .. so we should fair better as other teams will lose so many players due to their reaching 17 .. but we will lose none.
The positives I think are that:
Players have a lot of support from the club as well as from their parents. They encourage them and come to see the games. Boys are very close together, the girls need to work out on this.
The improvements I think we out to work on are these:
Players need to be more focused - this is a life process, they need to have time management, sleep more, and do thier studying weel. This helps them be satisfied with themselves and raise their morale.
Players need more physical training than in the basketball training sessions. They need some time every day. How about organising some bicycle runs next year.
I cannot say a lot about the girls, because I do not see them as often, but I think girls need to concentrate more on teamwork and encourage each other more. Perhaps they need more enthusiasm during the games.
Boys need to concentrate more on shooting skills .. this is my view. We need to ensure that players shoot well and increase their looping percentage.
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